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Food and Wine Society


Programme for the the year 2009:


Saturday 28th Feb - AGM
Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.
Saturday March 28th
Murder Mystery Evening with Tapas
Saturday April 25th
St George and the Pudding Club
Saturday May 23rd
Yalbury Cottage Restaurant visit
Saturday 6th June
D-Day Gastro Trip to Normandy
Friday 12th June
Lunch at Shell Bay Restaurant
Sunday 28th June
Salisbury Races
Saturday 11th July
Lakeside Magic at Kingston Mauward
Saturday 25th July
Car Treasure Hunt and Picnic/Barbeque
Friday 16th October
Wine Tasting by Dorset Wines
Saturday 28th November
St. Andrews Dinner
Thursday 31st December
Village New Year's Eve Party


Membership of the Society is open to residents of Milborne on application to the Hon Secretary.

Membership fee is £8 per annum.

Committee 2009



Murder-Mystery Evening

Forty-one members of the Society, in 1920’s costume, were invited to the country estate of Sir Clive and Lady Worthington-Jones, eccentric English aristocrats. Dora, their moral crusader daughter, had become engaged to an ambitious MP.

Guests were welcomed  to their country seat (MSA Village Hall) with glass of fashionable pink Cava and met the family and their aristocratic friends.

During supper, it became clear that that we were in for a bumpy weekend. Sir Clive (Brian Parkinson) somewhat blind the oleaginous faults of his secretary (Steve Lord), detested the ambitious MP (played by Jon Riddle) and was, not going to let his willful daughter (Maureen Lock) marry such a cad. Richard Lock made an imperturbable butler (quite “to the manor borne”)

Sally Dyer very ably assisted by Helen Lord and Alison Riddle, organised a spread of cold and hot Tapas sourced from “Tapas in a Box”. They were so busy in the kitchen that they missed the MURDER of Sir Clive’s daughter during the main course! It turned out that the dirty deed had been done by a demure lady guest (Sue Potts). I never found out why she did it!!

The cast was completed by Jane Cooke and Marion Regan who had clearly studied the period being most convincing flappers!!

Tony Dyer