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Who is organising this event?
There is an organising team of eleven volunteers, who meet regularly to discuss the details, representing St Andrews Church, the Village Hall, Milborne First  School, the Community Cafe, the Food and Wine Club and other interested villagers.
We have had lots of offers to help on the day from individuals, if you have any ideas and suggestions please email  we would be delighted to hear from you.

Guinness Book of World Records?

Some people have emailed us at to ask if we are requesting the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ to adjudicate in our attempt to make a record breaking cake.  I’m afraid the fees they are asking to accredit our attempt are much too expensive - several thousands of pounds.  All monies raised will go towards our Village Hall, not to swell the coffers of large corporate enterprises

When and where is the Big Dorset Apple Cake being held?

The giant cake is being assembled in Milborne St Andrew Village Hall on Friday May 31st. The cake will be cut up and sold on Saturday 1st June at a community cafe starting at 10am.

Why is it being held in June rather than in the Autumn when apples are plentiful?

It was felt that as Dorset Day (June 1st) is on a Saturday in 2024, that would be a good date for attracting media publicity. Apples are available all year round and are relatively cheap, if you are careful when harvesting apples from your own tree they can be stored for months.

Where will the money raised go?

This event will donate all the money raised to Milborne St Andrew Village Hall.