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The Reporter is delivered free to every household in Milborne St. Andrew 11 times a year and printing costs are paid by revenue from our advertisers.  The Reporter is produced and distributed by a team of volunteers and contains local news, information about local events and regular features which we hope you will find interesting and entertaining.

Advertise in the Reporter
size 1 issue 1 year
full page £55 £300
back page n/a £500
half page £35 £195
quarter page £20 £105
eighth page £11 £70

Artwork can be created from your ideas at a cost of 1 issue's ad.

Community events at The Milborne St. Andrew Village Hall, half page or less, free of charge.  Other community events in Milborne St. Andrew at half the above rates, half page or less, subject to availability.

Advertising Enquiries:
The Milborne St. Andrew

Linda Constant, Pete Constant,
Rich Hawker, Heather V. Hogg,

David Payne, Ed Richards, Jo Whitfield,

John Wright and Josie Wright



Join the Reporter Team

Would you like to contribute to or help run our
village magazine?

Extra help and ideas are
always welcome.

Contact any of the Team for

more information.

Contact the Reporter 

Ed Richards 01258 837907

Advertising renewals: Peter Constant
01258 839246 (daytime)

Rich Hawker 07393 309037

General enquiries, news and features:
David Payne 01258 837700

Assistant Editor: Jo Whitfield

Treasurer and photography:
Heather Hogg 01258 837392


Copy for the next issue must be received by noon on the
14th of the month.

We prefer to receive copy by email as MS Word (doc) files and
pictures as .jpg files.

Download the current issue
Download from the archive:
Feb 2009 to present